Best Suspension Kit for Your Car: AP Suspension Kit

The AP Suspension Kit is produced by the popular German brand that specializes in lowering springs, coilovers, and suspensions. The AP suspension kit is a well-designed and built product that will greatly improve how your car feels and handles on the road.

A Brief Description of the AP Suspension Kit

If you ask people to improve their car’s performance, the first consideration for most of them will be to add more power to the engine. Thing is, great power in a chassis that can’t handle it will not only slow you down, it’s also not very safe for you. What you need instead is a quality suspension setup, which is exactly what you get with the AP Suspension Kit.

This is what you will get in your AP suspension kit:

4 x AP lowering springs

4 x AP sports dampers

Suspension systems affect two things: your level of control over the vehicle, and your comfort level as you sit inside the car. The springs enable the wheels of the car to move up, absorbing bumps on the road, which reduces jolting. Dampers, on the other hand, prevent or reduce the car’s tendency to bounce up and down on bumpy terrain.

Best Features of the AP Suspension Kit

Short Piston Rods

The short piston rods ensure a smooth ride quality. Ride quality is the technical term given to the comfort a driver experiences while on the road. In addition, it refers to how much protection the car offers its occupants from uneven elements on the road surface.


The kit is powder-coated, which prevents corrosion, thus enhancing durability.

Uprated Dampers

The dampers on the AP suspension kit are uprated by 30%

Other Features

-Enhances the looks of the car.

-TUV Quality approved

-2-year warranty

Closing Remarks

A good suspension system is a very important thing for your car. It makes your driving experience more enjoyable as you have more control over the automobile. If you need to improve your car’s suspension and improve your car’s looks while at it, you should consider getting yourself the AP suspension kit.