Best Shock Absorber for Your Car: Bilstein

If you want to improve your car’s shock absorbers, you should go for the highest quality brands. This is because shock absorbers play a big role in your car’s handling, safety and ride comfort. One of the brands you should consider is Bilstein. Here are some of the features and benefits of Bilstein shock absorbers.

Mono-tube Design

The Bilstein shocks are built in a mono-tube design. This means that all the shock components are contained within one tube, unlike with twin-tube shock absorbers, which have two cylinders. The mono-tube system has a shell case that functions as a cylinder, inside which are piston valve, oil, and gas.

The mono-tube design enables a cooler, more efficient operation, as well as a longer lifespan. Mono-tube shocks release heat more efficiently than twin-cylinder shocks absorbers. Mono-tube shocks also have no restrictions on installation angles, and are less prone to cavitation.

Patented Digressive Valving

The Bilstein shock absorbers have patented digressive valving. While progressive valving shocks begin soft and stiffen quickly with increase in shaft speed, digressive shocks do the opposite, starting stiff and tapering off. This allows the Bilstein shocks absorbers to provide maximum control and comfort in all road conditions.

Split Compression and Rebound Valving

Bilstein shocks have split compression and rebound valving tuned for each specific application, which ensures optimal performance.

It is gas-charged

The gas in the shock keeps the oil under pressure, reducing chances that the oil will foam. Foam causes a shock to lose some of its control. It’s the same reason soda remains liquid after shaking the can right until you pop the can and the foam fizzes out. So the gas keeps the oil under pressure because foam doesn’t form until pressure is released.

Digressive Piston

The Bilstein shocks also have a 46mm digressive piston which allows for fairly adequate responsiveness to changes in road conditions.

Closing Remarks

If you need to upgrade your car’s shock absorbers, you should consider getting yourself a set of Bilsteins. You can never go wrong with Bilstein.